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10 Winter Warming Recipes

Kathleen-Rose Marr
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Canterbury winter has started to kick in and it is in full force! As the long coats, scarves and gloves come out, so does the good ol’ crockpot too! A favorite about winter; you can snuggle up in the warmth without being called lazy… Oh, and the food. There are three main factors that identify winter beginning in my house! The winter wooleys have taken over your closet. The ham-hock always has to make an entrance, ham and pea soup, mmm yum. How could I forget the fire, crackling with fresh wood.

13268248 Chocolate self saucing pudding

Winter is the month for unlimited comfort food! So here are 10 delicious recipes you can cook this season.

  1. Ham and Pea Soup
  2. Extra-Cheesy Beef Lasagne 
  3. Chocolate Self Saucing Pudding
  4. Shepherd's Pie with Potato Crust
  5. Rice Pudding
  6. Roast Pork with Crackling
  7. Flaky Fish Pie with White Wine
  8. Three Cheese Macaroni Bake 
  9. Apple Pie
  10. Beef Stew

If you have a giant sweet tooth, chocolate self saucing pudding, apple pie, rice pudding and bread and butter pudding are classics that tend to never disappoint... The list goes on really. Is there really a tastier season then winter?

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There is no time like right now to enjoy indulging in some of these winter must-haves. Go on and try one of these recipes out!