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5 Simple Furnishings to Add to your Home

Alex Sherborne
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Interior of a House  Laing Prefab Homes

It's the little things that turn a house into a home.

When it comes to adding those small touches to your home, it can become expensive and overwhelming trying to decide how you want to style your home. Here are a few simple touches you can add without breaking the bank! 


Cushions 3


Cushions are a comfortable and subtle way to add a pop of colour into your living areas. With gorgeous styles and colours that are interchangeable, cushions are super cheap and you can't go wrong!


Rug 1


Just like cushions, Rugs add colour and texture to your bedrooms and main living spaces. They are a great way to tie everything together by adding extra warmth during the winter months.

Photo Frames

Photoframe 1


Photo frames are a great way to show off those beautiful family portraits and special moments with your friends! Photos are super cheap to print these days and you can get photo frames for under $10 so its a perfect way to add character into your home.




Candles are a beautiful way to add aroma into your home, and they give off a beautiful ambient glow when lit. There are many fragrances to choose from so making a decision can be tough! 




Flowers are a wonderful centre piece to add to any main living areas, with the changing seasons, more beautiful flowers will be blooming! So you are spoilt for choice on what flowers you want to choose.