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Bringing Back A Taste Of The 80’s

Kathleen-Rose Marr
club house sandwhich v2
Classic Club Sandwich   Google Images

The 80’s was full of everything awesome, great music, fun fashion and interesting foods! It was an era most people loved, and if you didn’t live in it, then you sure dream about it.

One of the favorite snacks as a wee child growing up had to be the classic club sandwich! Chicken, bacon, mayo, lettuce, tomato and of course, you have to have the bread toasted to perfection, to make the club sandwich what it is.

hedgehog v3


I always remembered eating the famous ‘hedgehog’ pineapple with cheese! Although I don’t really like pineapple on pizza with cheese, I do love the combination when it is cold! Another 80’s snack I cannot get enough of- asparagus rolls! I guess you could say these are controversial, but I am a huge fan, the butter alongside the mooshy canned asarapgus. It is delicious. I did try it with fresh asparagus, but, it was not even close to tasting as good as the original. 

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This one takes the cake for sure, the crunch and cream of a brandy snap melts in the mouth. I feel like it is a crime to only eat brandy snaps on special occasions. Why do we not talk about these more? In my opinion these are one of the most underrated deserts EVER! 



Of course there are many more scrumptious 80's classics. Here are just a few for a trip down memory lane, even though I still eat these at least once a month, they are easy to forget about. Whip out the brandy snaps next time you bring a plate to ladies night! Brandy snaps will be the favourite for sure!