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Fashions trends from the '70s making a comeback in 2021!

Emily Twohig
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Eltron John   Esquire

The '70s were full of good vibes and great tunes. Fashion was key, an outlet for creation and freedom these trends are coming back into play. Will you rock these looks again? 

holter neck

Halter Necklines

While they were made popular by the late Marilyn Monroe, they came alive during the height of the disco era! Worn by younger generations now due to its rise in popularity again. Designers such as Michael Kors, who featured this piece at the brand’s fall/winter ’20 show, are highlighting the neckline with a modern aesthetic. It’s a trend everyone's hopping on whether its halter neck dresses, tops or swimwear.  

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tinted eyewear

Tinted Eyewear 

The '70s were known for big bold glasses with a colour tinted lense, neutral tones such as brown or olive to allow mixing and matching of outfits. As a more personal touch to the accessory, there are plenty of shapes to suit your personality and fashion sense. Tinted sunglasses are the perfect accessory to elevate any outfit this year! Brands such as Tom Ford are bringing back the '70s design with contemporary elements such as shiny metal frames with UV protection.  

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Exaggerated Collars 

Whether it's an exaggerated point collar, ultra-feminine Peter Pan collar or a bib collar this trend is a simple answer to making any shirt more interesting! Adding a touch of flair or finality gives your outfit an elevated look compared to the standard collar. Rocked in the ’70s, brands have grasped this design and are bringing it back to their new collections seen on the runway and worn EverdayComing into Autumn, balancing this trend with a pair of simple jeans or pants or with a blazer for a more structured look its sure to make a statement.  

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new pants

Bell-Bottom Shaped Pants  

From rockstars to street style these are the best statement pants, bell-bottom pants scream “1970s” like nothing else, worn by both men and women this was a staple piece everyone had in their wardrobe! Also making a comeback in the fashion world with the younger generations this item of clothing, it's something anyone can wear. Pairing with a simple top to let the pants steal the show or rocking a bell-sleeve top with it you can make a statement with this look.  

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new dress

Groovy Colourful Patterns 

Prints worn in the '70s were super loud, proud and contrasted the rest of your outfit to make it exciting! Whether it be your top or your handbag, it made a perfect statement to any outfit. Colour and style is everything, the fashion world is saying goodbye to neutral tones and bringing colour back to life. Florals and saturated stripes are now all the rage. 

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sweaters 1000x1000 v2

Sweater Vests  

Sweater vests are back in trend! The effortless item of clothing too, worn with layers is perfect coming into Autumn. High-end brand, as well as local boutiques, are bringing this trend to their stores and can be worn with a simple plain shirt, jeans and ankle boots. Adding statement jewellery and a handbag gives you a chic look 

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pant suits horizontal a l

Trouser Suits  

Trouser suits were all the rage in the 1970s for men and women. Boxy and monochromatic, they were an easy way to look put-together without having to put an outfit together. A classy yet simplistic look anyone can rock, ideal for the workplace, special occasion, party or formal event. With '70s inspired pieces, tuxedo-like creations with V-plunging necklines, vibrant colours and skinny trouser suits there's styles of this look to tailor to anyone.  

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