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Iconic Meryl Streep films you should consider rewatching!

Emily Twohig
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Meryl Streep  Rolling Stone

Who doesn't love Meryl Streep! Known among multiple generations for her amazing acting here are a few movies you should rewatch to get your fix!

Meryl Streep is an actress only people living under a rock haven’t heard of. By many critics, she is considered to be “the greatest living actress”. Streep has won many prestigious awards including 3 Oscars, 9 Golden Globes and 3 Emmys as well as multiple nominations alongside. 

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Mamma Mia

This wouldn’t be a list of Meryl Streep’s greatest films if Mamma Mia wasn’t on the list. This 2008 film is arguably Meryl's most iconic film and loved by millions and with a sequel just 10 years later its captured the attention of many. The plot follows Sophie and her family as they are busy preparing for her wedding, she secretly invites three men, who were her mother's lovers in the past, with the hope that one of them is her father. Amanda Seyfried, Colin Firth, Christine Baranski and many more help make this movie magical. The soundtrack alone is sure to get you breathless from all the iconic songs by ABBA!   

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The Devil Wears Parda

Alongside Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt, Meryl Streep rocked the mean boss role. This 2006 film shows not only can Streep can play good and bad cop. It was filmed when she was 57 and she does not look a day over 25.

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Sophies Choice

Sophies Choice is one of Steep’s films where she puts on the perfect accent to fit the role and you’d never know it was fake. It perfectly encompasses her acting abilities. This 1982 film won Streep an Oscar for best actress. Her co-stars in the film are Kevin Kline (love interest) and Peter MacNicol (the man who causes the strain in the relationship).

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The Deer Hunter

Featured on many “greatest films of all time” lists, this 1978 film is a must rewatch. Starring the handsome Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken and other great actors it rightfully deserves best picture at the Oscars. The film was Streep’s first academy award nomination at the ripe age of 29.


Kramer vs Kramer 

The classic story of divorce... who gets to keep the kid? Streep plays the mother who can do no wrong in her child's eyes. Her co-star Dustin Hoffman plays the father who cannot do anything right. This 1979 film gave Streep her first Oscar for best supporting actress.

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Little Women

Being one of Meryl Streep’s more recent films (2019) Little Women is a great rewatch. The film is based off of the famous book “Little Women” by Louisa May Alcott, which in itself is a great read.