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Take Yourself Away This Weekend - Lyttelton Farmers' Market

Laura White
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Source: Laura White  Lyttelton Farmers' Market

Looking for a relaxing way to spend your Saturday?

Have you had enough of the working week? Feel like having a break from the city? Well, take yourself away to the Lyttelton Farmers' Market to escape from Christchurch.

If you love a hidden gem, a great find, or something a bit quirky, Lyttelton Farmers' Market is the place for you. There's a special atmosphere at the Lyttelton Farmers' Market that makes it truly unique. With welcoming, friendly locals and a huge amount of dogs, you'll feel right at home.

Run by Project Lyttelton, the market is dedicated to helping the community, with funds raised from the stall fees going towards the community garden, the Garage sale, time bank, the lift library, and the Lyttelton youth project.

Situated in the hub of Lyttelton on London Street, surrounded by the Port Hills and a stunning view of the Lyttelton Harbour, you'll feel like you're on holiday away from Christchurch City.

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I spoke to a regular stallholder Tanya Townsend, owner of Naturalus, about the markets and her experience.

"The markets are a great way of meeting the public and building trust and connections with customers. They can see who we are and get a better understanding of our products"

The Lyttelton Farmers' Market also strives to create a fair food system. A system that is fair for farmers where they get a fair price for their produce, fair for consumers where they get affordable, fresh food, and fair for the land where the food is grown ethically and involves caring for the country.

If you feel like getting away this weekend, head to London Street from 10 am to 1 pm to experience the Lyttelton Farmers' Market for yourself.