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Mini Margarita Pizzas Ready In Just 7 Minutes!

Kathleen-Rose Marr
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Mini Margarita Pizzas  Kat Marr

We all love an easy appetizer for when hosting season comes around, which seems to be all year round! These quick and easy margarita pizzas are the tastiest little savoury treat.

What you will need: 

4 mini tortilla wraps

3 ½ tablespoons of tomato paste

9 large basil leaves

90 grams of fresh mozzarella (or a small container)

10 teaspoons of pesto

Your choice of herbs

How to make:

  1. Lay four tortilla wraps out on a chopping board, and evenly spread tomato paste
  2. Put 3 basil leaves on each pizza, one on each third
  3. Cut your mozzarella into long strips, then place around the pizza
  4. With a teaspoon, dollop pesto around the pizza
  5. Sprinkle your favorite herbs and spices, I used garlic and salt

Next time you are hosting a get together at your place, make sure to whip these up. These delicious pizzas only take 7 minutes in the oven at 180 degrees! Make it taste like you’ve spent hours in the kitchen to impress everyone.