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Top 5 best lookout spots in Christchurch!

Jake Corlet
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Mt Vernon Outlook  Jake Corlet

Looking for a spot to relax or get that perfect snap for the gram? Look no further as we have found the top 5 best lookout spots in Christchurch for you and your friends to explore!

5. Coronation Reserve.

At the top of Dyers Pass Road leading onto Summit Road, Coronation Reserve takes its place tucked in behind the Sign of the Kiwi.

This stunning walk is a short but steep 3 minute walk to the top which looks over Lyttelton Harbour, Christchurch’s Western areas and gives you a great view of SugarLoaf. This is a perfect spot for a wee picnic or to grab a photo of the amazing views.


4. Cracroft Reserve.

Cracroft Reserve, just a short 2 minute walk from the cafe/bar; ‘The Sign of the Takahe,’ has a stunning 180 degree view of all of Christchurch’s beautiful city.

You can see all the way out to the heads of Kaikoura and Mt Hutt from this location and with the help of the very useful metal wrap around map located in the middle of Cracroft Reserve’s lookout, you are able to identify each and everyone of your favourite spots in Christchurch.

3. Thomson Scenic Reserve

A great place to meet with friends and family in cars or to even have a picnic after a walk up the Crater Rim Walkway on Cedrics track off Dyers Pass Road.

Thomson Scenic Reserve is accessible by foot or car where there is a car park and a grass area below the communications tower of Christchurch; Sugarloaf. This is also a 1.3km walk and a 2 minute drive from the Sign of the Kiwi where there is a cafe and real fruit ice cream. The Thomson Scenic Reserve has absolutely amazing views which covers almost the entire city. From here you get a real sense of how huge the ocean is and how much space there is between us here in Christchurch and the heads of Kaikoura.

2. Marley’s Hill/ Summit Road and Worsley’s Road.

What an outstanding view from this spot right here.

On a corner of the Summit Road, just before you hit Worsley’s Road is a lookout spot which looks over the entire ocean from Governors Bay. From this spot you can see all the way to the heads of Port Levy and Godley Head. This spot is located right next to Marleys Hill which is next to many bike tracks and walking tracks. It is also right next to the Christchurch Adventure Park.

1. Mt Vernon Farm Park/ Track.

An absolute favourite, a clear winner which holds absolutely breathtaking views is Mt Vernon Farm Park/Track.

From the small car park down the bottom of this steep hill, you wouldn’t think that this is well known or isn’t actually that great; but you have been deceived. Plenty of people flock here every morning and evening to catch a glimpse of the sunrise or sunset making its way from the east to the west and is an absolute jaw dropping sight. A huge 360 degree view of absolutely everything Christchurch or even Canterbury has to offer can all be seen from Mt Vernon Farm Park/ Track.

You can see from Diamond Harbour to Kaikoura to Christchurch’s re-built central city and so much in between. This is a must visit when travelling around the Port Hills.