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Nobody puts Baby in a corner!

Breanna Shaw
Peter Roger
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In the summer of 1963, Baby vacations with her family at a high-end resort. Meeting resort instructor Johnny Castle, she learns to dance and fall in love. But her father is not impressed.

“Nobody puts Baby in a corner!” 


Six words that make up one of the most iconic lines in movie history. The story of Baby falling in love with dance instructor Johnny Castle has warmed our hearts for generations. From its risqué title to its impressive dance sequences and comedic moments, Dirty Dancing is a fabulous time. It’s so full of joy that its final exuberant dance number is sure to make even those with the coldest of hearts smile.  

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Even so, Dirty Dancing is not all sunshine and rainbows. The movie has its fair share of darker moments too. With moments of racism, backstreet abortions and infidelity all present within the story. Producing a tactful contrast between the emotional highs and the devastating lows. This rollercoaster of emotion Dirty Dancing takes us on is what I think makes it truly special. A movie that remains remarkably relevant over thirty years after its release.  

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In Dirty Dancing every dance scene is euphoric. 

Baby and Johnny’s love story is sweet without ever coming across schmaltzy. Baby’s courage to break free from her father’s restraints is nothing short of inspiring, showing girls across the world that they can do whatever they believe is right. 

Simply put Dirty Dancing makes us all feel good. They are having the time of their lives and so are we.