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Tips to reduce stress!

Emily Twohig
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Drinking water

Some symptoms of stress we all know well, headaches, acne breakouts and difficulty concentrating. Dehydration goes hand in hand with these symptoms of stress. A basic habit that most of us actively ignore, water boosts your energy allowing you to work harder and longer. Drinking more water makes you equipped when dealing with everyday issues, so next time you feel stressed and overwhelmed, take a breather and a drink of water.


Eating a balanced diet

Stressed and always on the go it's easy to fall into grabbing food from the pantry and heading out the door. It's so important to eat a balanced healthy diet, this helps combats stress over the long hall. Foods like eggs, avocado, and walnuts support mood regulation and energy balance. Of course, some chocolate at times can help so make sure to treat yourself from time to time!

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Exercising is such a key way of reducing stress. It doesn’t mean going for 10km runs or powerlifting. Staying active can be just walking your dog around the park, partaking in mindfulness exercises, standing up and stretching your body, gardening, swimming or even joining a dance class! You'll instantly reap the rewards of it as your body naturally produces endorphins and gets your blood moving.

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Mindfulness is a great way to ground yourself and a great way to exercise. Incorporating meditation into your life can also help to slow down and calm the body and mind. Although this isn't an immediate fix, it pays off in the long run. Meditative and somatic approaches to mental health and has become popular recently. You can practice mindfulness by partaking in meditation, yoga and pilates. Give it a go and see if your feeling anti-stressed.

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Gratitude journal

What are you grateful for? There’s real science supporting the positive outcomes, both emotional and physical, that can result from reflecting on gratitude. Maintaining a gratitude journal can help you see what your grateful for at that moment. The habit surprisingly makes you feel calmer and happier. Knowing you’ve got things written down that your grateful for can help you get through a stressful day as you see there’s always going to be something good in it. Maintaining a journal can help you get into the habit of focusing on the positive aspects of life while reaping the benefits of journaling.

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Sleep is such a vital thing our bodies need. Although stress can cause a lack of sleep, not sleeping is a key cause of stress. Stressed, tossing and turning at night? Some tips to help combat this is by allowing yourself time to wind down at night, you can do this by dimming the lights creating a calm relaxing space for you to sleep. Reading a book and getting off your brightly lit phone allows your eyes to adjust, it also gets your mind off stresses in your life and transition into a restful slumbering state. Create a routine for yourself and find ways that help you and stick to them.