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When stealing the show is not okay

Breanna Shaw
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Not the Bride  Reddit/Weddingshaming

A few people on the net have made a fool of themselves but if you read this you won't have to.

Do you have a wedding coming up that you don’t know what to wear to? Do you want to avoid making a faux pas? Then we’ve got some tips for you.

A popular reddit forum “Wedding Shaming” has been filled with guests not following the rules and therefore, upsetting the rest of the bridal party. The only person who should be wearing white at the wedding should be the bride. Invited guests should not be trying to upstage the couple, as it’s their day, not the guests.

Usual rule breakers at weddings are MIL’s (mother in laws) and as it seems now even friends of the bride. One friend wore a wedding dress with a train and a fair few mother in laws in white lace dresses. The reason behind this unspoken rule is so that no one is upstaging the bride on her special day. Inappropriate dress choices aren’t just in white but if it’s more sheer and ‘showy’ than the bride’s then it should probably be a pointer not to wear it. 

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Red Sheer Dress Reddit

But what can I wear you may be asking? There are plenty of dress stores around town to find a wedding guest dress.

Try stores like; Dotti, Farmers, City Chic, Forever New, and  Pagani. Most guests try to go for something simple. Nothing too bright, not too busy pattern wise and not too many extra detailing’s.

Remember it’s formal attire not a red-carpet moment. I’m sure none of you ladies would do this but maybe remind that one friend who likes to steal the show. Stay Groovy!